For Educators

Teachers often tell us that the highest achievers in their classroom are Kumon students.  With Kumon, students are able to do the following:

  • Master the basics of math and reading
  • Improve study habits
  • Strengthen concentration
  • Increase self-confidence & self-discipline
  • Cultivate independent learning skills
  • Develop critical thinking & analytical skills


How Does it Work?

All students who come to Kumon first take a placement test which helps determine where they will begin in our curriculum.  The curriculum is made up of more than 20 clearly defined skill levels for each subject and hundreds of short assignments spanning concepts covered from preschool to college level.  With each assignment, a child advances in manageable increments.  Students attend a Kumon Center twice weekly year round.  On the other days, they are given assignments that can be completed at home within about 20 minutes.

How Can Kumon Help my Students?

In Kumon, we first focus on building a student’s core skills in math and/or reading.  Kumon is often a perfect fit for students who are struggling with phonics/oral fluency or who have not yet mastered addition and subtraction facts. Of course, because our program is individualized for each child, we cater to students of all ages and skill levels. While some students enroll in Kumon looking to fill in skill gaps, with continued Kumon study, many of our students are pursuing advanced study.  In addition, we focus on helping students develop independence, concentration, and good study skills.

Is Kumon aligned with the TEKS or STAAR Test?

Kumon is an international curriculum organized into sequential concepts and levels that facilitate success with school material regardless of variations in curricula.  In short, our curriculum covers the core skills that are applicable accross all subjects:  strong reading comprehension skills and strong math computational skills.

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